Simple Hearing Test

Please read the following information before you download SIMPLE version of the Hearing Test.The Child has to be familiar with the animals’ pictures, their names and voices:cow (500Hz),

rooster (1500Hz) and

birds (4000Hz).

To achieve this you can select TRAINING from the Main Menu ( after downloading ).




Helps to prepare a Child for hearing screening test and mobile phone calibration.

During training , voices of the animals are played from the mobile phone much louder than during the hearing test and the Child has to point to the correct picture of the animal or say its correct name in a repetitive manner – without guessing. Each sound can be presented many times to achieve positive training results. For training – the speaker of the mobile phone can be used for the R or L ear.




To perform the hearing test your mobile phone should be calibrated. Please record on piece of paper the User number which will be displayed after downloading the program of the SIMPLE version. When you select CALIBRATION from the Main Menu you will be asked to enter this User number. It protects the mobile phone calibration against any changes by unauthorized persons .Calibration is based on so called “biological calibration” using the Child with recently proven normal hearing and free of cold, infection, wax build up etc. You will need a quiet room without interference from other peoples, TV, Radio etc.

Place the picture cards on the table in front of the child or asked the child to say the name of the animal when it’s voice is presented from the mobile phone at the distance about 30 cm from the Child’s ear. During calibration you can find the minimal volume level for each testing sound being just loud enough for the child to correctly recognize – in repetitive manner – the animal sound and point to it correct picture or just only say it name. The volume level can be set up using the scale slider or “- +” buttons. Calibration should be done separately for the speaker and each earphone. Returning to the Main Menu will automatically save the calibration levels. It is advisable to keep a separate record of the calibration numbers for each sound.




You can start the test if your Child can recognize – in a repetitive manner – the pictures of the animals or can say their names when their calibrated voices are presented to the Child’s ear from the distance of about 30 cm ( same as during calibration ). Use a quiet room, sit the Child close to the table and place the pictures in front of him/her. You can present the sounds through the speaker or earphones.

Please record the Child’s positive and negative responses presenting each sound at least 3 times to each ear in random ( changing ) order. Make sure that the Child points to the animal pictures or say their name after, but not before the sound presentation. Do not criticize incorrect response, prise correct response. Postpone continuation of this test to another day if the Child is losing interest in this hearing game.

A Child with normal hearing should be able to hear and recognize each sound at least 2 times for 3 presentation to each ear.

If the Child fails to recognize even one type of sound for the Left or Right ear, it is strongly recommended that medical advice be obtained. The aim of this testing is to alert and identify areas of concern, not to diagnose the hearing problem.

( more information and animal pictures print facilities you can find on: )

DISCLAIMER : evaluation of the hearing using the mobile phone does not replace a professional hearing test, but the results can indicate whether or not it may be worth seeking early advice from a hearing care professional, what is extremely important to eliminate or to stop further
development of the hearing loss. Mobilemedico does not accept any responsibility for the misuse of or incorrect interpretation of the Hearing Game played with the mobile phone, incorrect mobile phone calibration done by the user, lack of Child’s cooperation, poor hygienic conditions of the earphones resulting in possible ear infections and hearing loss, inaccurate placement of the noise attenuating headset over the ears fitted with the insert earphones, incorrect
operating of the mobile phone, it’s poor technical conditions resulting in unstable voice output and/or loud clicks. Mobilemedico does not accept any responsibility for any losses related to this program application and lack of the proper action of the testing person in case of finding the hearing loss.


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Note: You will need to have a SD Memory Card installed within your phone to install this application.